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Empowering for Change

“Migunani Tumraping Liyan” is a Javanese proverb that means being of benefit to others.


Bali is an island west of Java renowned for its pristine nature, unique culture, and intricate temples. This has turned Bali into the crown jewel of tourist destinations in Indonesia.


Since the WHO announced a pandemic in March of 2020 however, many Balinese were faced with difficult financial situations. This had caused families to be unable to fund their children’s education, severely hampering their prospects of livelihood in the already difficult circumstances.


As such, in April 2022 Pt Autoaccindo Jaya as the official distributor of Babyliss in Indonesia is honored to be able to offer support of sponsorships to Hairdresser Without Borders in their effort of training 15 Balinese Women with difficult financial backgrounds in the art of being a Professional Hairdresser.


There is no telling if the storm has truly passed. But we hope this will empower these women’s pursuit of careers in the beauty industry. Through their crafts, may they be able to provide self-confidence, self-appreciation, and happiness to others as well as themselves.


As our partner in HairDresser Without Borders puts it “Education has never been so beautiful.”


Hairdressers Without Borders: @hairdressers_without_borders
Photographer: @jovo_jvnvc
Collaboration Partner: @baliwise
Main Sponsor: @authenticbeautyconcept

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